Hybrid Car Smog Checks

Hybrid vehicles set themselves apart from normal, gasoline-powered vehicles because they also run on electricity. Their emissions are also usually lower than gas-powered cars. Some people assume that because their hybrid car’s emissions are lower, they don’t need to get a biennial smog check. However, California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair still requires hybrid vehicle owners to get routine checks to ensure their emission control system is running well.

Tri-City Smog offers smog inspections for all types of vehicles, and hybrid cars are no different. Call us today to schedule an appointment. If you need an inspection today, we also offer walk-ins. Call us today to get your hybrid car’s emissions test!

Why Are Hybrid Vehicles Required To Receive Biennial Smog Checks?

While hybrids are much lower emission vehicles, they are still powered by gas. Because of this, their control systems still deteriorate like gas-powered vehicles. Failure of these systems would cause the car’s emissions to increase greatly. Ensuring that the emissions system of your vehicle is running properly means that emissions of these vehicles will stay where they need to. 

Hybrid Smog Testing

What Does A Hybrid Smog Inspection Look Like?

In previous years, hybrid vehicles could not be properly tested with BAR-97 equipment used on gas-only automotives because of the way hybrid cars were built. When tested, the vehicles would switch to electric mode. Since the creation of the Bureau Of Automotive Repair On-Board Diagnostic Inspection system, hybrid vehicles have been able to be properly tested for their emission levels.

The BAR-OIS is essentially a visual inspection of your car. The smog inspector will visually inspect the emission control components and scan the OBD, or On-Board Diagnostics, system to properly pass or fail your vehicle.

Hybrid Vehicles Smog Test Regulations

Knowing the state regulations for smog inspections is important. Any hybrid car that is eight model years or newer does not require a smog check. However, if your vehicle is older than that, the DMV requires you to pass an emissions test. The DMV also requires a check every time the vehicle is sold once the car is four model-years old or older. 

Reliable And Efficient Hybrid Vehicle Emissions Testing

Our Temecula Smog Check Station is here for you when you need us. When you need a smog test, the last thing you need is for the appointment to take all day. You can also visit our Menifee smog testing station for quick and easy appointments. Tri-City Smog has the tools and expertise to properly test your hybrid car, and our average time for every smog test is 15 minutes. We also have a waiting room with chargers and Wi-Fi so you can wait for your results in comfort. Get your smog inspection done quickly!

We automatically send the results to the DMV so you don’t have to worry about getting the information to where it needs to go. Tri-City Smog is also a test-only STAR station, so you are sure to get accurate results. You don’t have to worry about us falsely failing your vehicle to get more money from you. Smog inspections are pass or fail, and our team wants you to pass. Call Tri-City Smog today and set up your appointment

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