STAR Smog Tests In Temecula And Menifee

Smog checks are something that everyone needs to do, but your routine letter from the DMV may specify that your car be checked by a STAR-certified center. If this happened to you, there is no need to panic. This letter simply means you need to take your vehicle to a STAR smog station. These stations are no different than the average shop, except that they are held to a higher standard.

Tri-City Smog is the Temecula and Menifee area’s local STAR station. Our team has been performing inspections on all types of vehicles, including diesel and hybrid cars, for over 20 years. If you need a smog certificate near Temecula or Menifee, come to us!

What Makes A STAR Station Different?

The only real difference between a STAR station and a regular smog check station is certification. These stations go through a certification process and are closely monitored by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). This means they are more trusted by the DMV to give accurate information. 

How Are Vehicles Chosen For STAR Smog Stations?

How Are Vehicles Chosen For STAR inspection?

You may be thinking to yourself: why has the DMV chosen my vehicle for a STAR inspection? There are quite a few reasons behind this decision. There are three strategies California uses to select vehicles for this program:

  • Vehicles that are gross polluters.
  • Vehicles with a High Emitter Profile.
  • Random sample of California vehicles.

That means your car is either a gross polluter or is on the High Emitter Profile. But what does this mean? Gross polluters are vehicles that have previously failed a smog inspection, with high readings of harmful emissions. High Emitter Profile vehicles are specific car types that the BAR has selected that are more likely to fail inspections. There is also a chance that your car has been picked randomly, but you shouldn’t worry. Both types of stations tend to price inspections around the same cost (depending on the owner of course), so there’s no need to worry about breaking the bank.

Different Types Of STAR Certifications

Types of STAR Certifications

There are two different types of certifications these stations can receive: test only and test and repair. The names are relatively self-explanatory. A test only station is only authorized to perform inspections of your vehicle’s emissions system. Test-and-repair stations can perform inspections and perform repairs or replacements on any part of your emissions systems.

You may think going to stations that can do both is better because they are a one-stop-shop, but that is not necessarily true. Some of these stations will purposefully fail vehicles so they can make more money off a single inspection. With test-only stations, you can trust that the information they give you will be accurate, as they have nothing to gain by failing you. 

For a test-only STAR station in Temecula and Menifee that has your back, look no further than Tri-City smog! Both our locations are test-only certified, so whether you are in Temecula, Menifee, or anywhere in between, Tri-city Smog can help you register your car!

Temecula And Menifee’s Trusted STAR Station

California Reliable STAR Station Smog Check

Tri-City Smog is the best place for you to get your STAR smog test. Our staff takes care of everyone, no appointment necessary, and we have an average test of less than 15 minutes. We also want to ensure you are comfortable while you are waiting for results, so we have a waiting room with couches and Wi-Fi so you can wait in comfort. Our expert staff can inspect any vehicle, from diesel trucks to small hybrid cars. Call our office to set up your appointment or walk in today!

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