Smog Check Services

Tri-City Smog is a test-only station that provides automotive smog test services in Temecula and Menifee, CA. We want your car to pass and for you to leave with a smile! Should your vehicle fail, we offer retesting services at both our locations.

Both locations also feature a clean and comfortable waiting room with complimentary WiFi and phone chargers available for our customers.

We are the local smog check experts! We can smog any vehicle. We offer the following services at this location:

Diesel Smog Check

It’s important that your diesel vehicle gets a check just as often as a gasoline-powered car would. These tests focus on the health of the parts instead of testing on a dynamometer. These tests are required once when you gain ownership of the vehicle and again every two years after. 

Your diesel vehicle won’t be driven on a dynamometer for its smog check. Instead, we focus on a visual inspection of your vehicle’s emissions, a check for smoke from the PCV system, and a system check for the OBD II – or On-Board Diagnostic II. 

DMV Renewal Smog Test

Getting consistent smog checks is important to your health and the health of the surrounding ecosystem but getting them done can be a pain. That’s why we make it easy. Our smog tests take an average of 15 minutes, and we send the appropriate paperwork right where it needs to go. Make your renewal test as quick and painless as possible.

The state of California requires all vehicles eight years or older to get a smog check every two years to make sure your vehicle’s emissions are at the proper levels. Once we finish the test, we send the necessary paperwork through to the correct channels. That way, you don’t have to worry about the test for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Hybrid Smog Tests

Unlike their completely electric counterparts, hybrid vehicles still require a smog inspection once every two years. These checks make sure the gasoline components aren’t putting toxic gasses into the air. We check to make sure everything is running as it should be.

Out of State Smog Check

Every state has different smog standards. California, due to the population and other environmental factors, has different vehicle emission standards than a lot of other states.  

Because of this, you have to get you vehicle’s emissions checked when first registering it in California. Once the check is done, you won’t have to worry about submitting the paperwork on time. We make sure to electronically send the paperwork through so your vehicle can be registered. 

Regular Smog Inspection

Sometimes the simpler the better. When your vehicle needs a smog check, we’re the best in the area to get it done. Smog inspections are important for any vehicle. Getting them done quickly and comfortably is also important for the owner. 

Tri-City Smog’s average time of smog inspection is 15 minutes, and our waiting area has complimentary Wi-Fi and phone chargers. Make sure to get your car tested in a place where you feel safe and comfortable.

Gross Polluter Certification

When your car has a gross-polluter certification, it’s required that you get it tested at a test-only facility. Tri-City Smog is a test-only station, so bringing your gross polluter emissions vehicle here is possible. Our tests are only fifteen minutes on average, so you won’t have to wait long for your vehicle’s results.

Title Transfer Smog Test

When your car is more than four model years old, selling it requires you to get a smog test for the vehicle before it transfers owners. Most of the time, a used car dealership takes care of the process, but when you’re selling your vehicle on your own, you have to take care of the process yourself. Our wait times are short, and we provide comfortable waiting rooms for all our customers. 

STAR Smog Inspection

A STAR-certified station must pass certain qualifications before they can receive the certification. STAR-certified stations cover and test any vehicles that may need a checkup. Gross-polluting vehicles and those directed to a STAR smog station can only be tested at a STAR-certified facility. Our Menifee station is STAR-certified, so you don’t have to worry about finding another one.

Test-Only Smog Inspection

Test-only stations are often the best option for your smog inspection. Stations that also offer repairs can leave customers feeling if they are being failed so they can rack up repair bills. At test-only stations, we put your vehicle’s health and the safety of the driver and environment before ourselves. Both of Tri-City Smog’s Temecula and Menifee stations are test-only.

At Tri-City’s test-only stations, our goal is to get the correct information to the correct places so that you can continue to drive your vehicle.

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